Demolition Sydney

Getting to Grips with a Demolition Service

There are a variety of reasons that could lead to the services of a demolition company being required. From raising an old building to prepare the land for a new construction all the way to clearing an area to make way for flatter environmental land – when it comes to the destruction, removal and treatment of a location, demolition services are at the forefront of the industry.

Although they might only seem suitable for larger destruction projects, in reality the facilities and equipment used can be just as effective for smaller tasks; such as clearing gardens, removing old paving slabs and preparing outdoor areas for construction. If you’re keen to learn a little more about these types of services and what they can offer, then keep reading as we’ll be providing a break down on the these tasks and what they entail.

Local demolition

Bulldozers, diggers and even forklifts are at the forefront of all residential tasks and they can be put to good use for a variety of responsibilities. For properties that need to be demolished in their entirety bulldozers are often the first port of call, but explosives can be used instead – if the building’s size and shape require.

On a smaller scale, demolition contractors can be called in to tear down specific walls, foundations, or other parts of a structure. They can also help with concrete removal and ground clearing – making their services ideal for gardens, driveways and areas that are due to be renovated. These are just a few residential services and more information can be obtained from a demolition company in your area.

Commercial demolition

Perhaps the more popular service relates to commercial demolition, where large buildings, factories and properties may require destruction. As with the above options, bulldozers and explosives will typically be used to break down the foundations of a building. The clean-up can be just as straight forward, with heavy machinery being employed to lift away debris and dispose of them properly.

Depending on the task in question, varying levels of demolition may be required and it is never advised for an individual without the proper training and expertise to undertake these tasks. Doing so can be very dangerous and has led to dozens of fatalities over the years, so the Australian government has introduced legislations to ensure that any demolition work is only performed by professional contractors.

Other forms of demolition include the destruction of office buildings, as well as the filling of mine shafts, tunnel systems and the filling of trenches. These activities are very involved and a good demolition company will visit any area in need of destruction to evaluate and strategize the best course of action.