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Things to Consider When Hiring a Swimming Pool Construction Company

Whether you’ve recently received one of the many New Home Buyer grants available to residents of Australia, or if you’re simply keen to have a pool added to your property; there’s nothing quite as important as choosing the right builder for your needs. A pool and lanscaping company such as Waterline Pool Care shouldn’t just offer to develop homes and gardens; they should do so in an affordable, efficient and professional manner. With so many providers to choose from, this can be a daunting task for a home buyer to keep up with.

Fortunately, the Australian government have issued a variety of guidelines for those hoping to undertake a home building project. If you’re hoping to get your project underway, then here are a few things that you will want to consider according to the housing authorities’ guidelines.

Adherence to safety regulations and protocols

If there’s one thing that all construction services need to ensure that they adhere to, it’s safety regulations. These policies are put into place to ensure that any new properties being built are subjected to strict checks as the development goes ahead. Each property will need to be constructed within a pre-defined space and keeping within this restriction is very important; regardless of whether there are neighbours or not. A good agency will ensure that all documentation is understood and followed throughout construction.


Even with a grant from the government, it’s not uncommon for particular builds to go a little over budget. To minimise the chance of this happening, it’s a good idea to define your budget with your contractor ahead of time. You can also request that all costs be stated clearly on paper ahead of time – just to be sure that you don’t end up being subjected to any hidden fees or charges down the line.

Many contractors are happy to work alongside the grant provider (in most instances the state’s government depending on where you are in Australia). This means that they will accept payment on behalf of the home buyer, or once the funds have been transferred (typically up to $7000 in grant money).

Flexibility of services

It’s not uncommon for house buyers to want to change a feature or two during development and that’s when hiring a flexible construction company will be important. As long as any requested changes are still subjected to checks, whilst adhering to protocols and policies; there’s really no reason why your chosen company shouldn’t offer to take care of those adjustments for you.

The most important consideration

There are dozens of pool providers present within any given region ( such as Swimart Pool & Spa in NZ for example) and each one of them will be keen to obtain your business. Attain a few quotes ahead of time, discuss your development options with your potential service and only decide on one when you have checked that they tick all of the right boxes.

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