Crowd Control Systems and Fencing

Securing Crowds With Lavi Industries and SONCO Crowd Control Systems

If you’re looking for the best solution for securing a crowd, consider Lavi Industries’ solutions or SONCO’s crowd control fencing systems. Whether you’re looking for plastic barricades or steel bike rack barriers, here are some tips to secure your crowd. Read on to learn more about these products and their features. Also read our buyer’s guide to crowd control. After all, the safety of your crowd is important.

Lavi Industries solutions

Public guidance systems and other crowd control products are used in a variety of settings. In addition to banks and government offices, these systems can be found in retail check-out lines, airports, theaters, and other venues where large crowds gather. They are also used in amusement parks and other public gathering places where safety is paramount. Public guidance systems are also used to secure potentially dangerous areas in warehouses and other industrial facilities.

SONCO crowd control systems

For events ranging from mega concerts to outdoor concerts, SONCO crowd control systems are essential for the safety and security of people in large crowds. Their range of crowd barriers includes steel, plastic, and water-filled models. The company is the industry leader, providing solutions for a variety of crowd control needs. Here are some benefits of SONCO barrier systems for major events. A. Security: SONCO crowd control systems ensure safety and security by reducing the risk of riots, assaults, and other potential dangers.

Steel bike rack barricades

Steel bike rack barricades, also known as French style or metal bike rack barricades, are an excellent choice for securing crowds at sporting events, concerts, and other public gatherings. These crowd barriers are durable, affordable, and easy to set up. Because of their strong materials and welded construction, they can withstand a variety of weather conditions. These barricades can also be used as temporary marketing space.

Plastic barricades

If you’re planning an event with a large crowd and need a way to secure the area, plastic barricades are an excellent solution. Plastic barriers are lightweight and feature hooks and loops for easy deployment and interlocking. They’re made with premium-grade material that won’t rust, dent or chip even after repeated use. If you’re unsure of which type of crowd barrier is best for your event, you can request a free mockup.

Water-filled barriers

Often used as temporary barriers, water-filled crowd barriers are highly visible, providing optimal safety and security. They can also be conveniently connected and are highly resistant to vandalism and theft. This makes them the perfect solution for events held on a short-term basis. Furthermore, they are lightweight, allowing them to be easily transported. Furthermore, they offer excellent stability, unlike spaced devices which are easily knocked or damaged by weather. Ensure that you have the correct bunding and spill management protocols in place in the event of any spillage.

Safety perimeters

One way to create an attractive and safe security perimeter for a large gathering is to use a crowd barrier made of metal. Bollards are a common choice as crowd control barriers, but they can also be unsightly. Therefore, breaking them up with other items will increase the security perimeter’s aesthetic value. A few options to break them up include benches, trees, planters, and retaining walls. If you plan to use a long line of bollards, you should make sure to break them up with other security items, such as benches and retaining walls. Similarly, if your perimeter is longer than 100 feet, you should break them up with other security items, like benches and planters.


Whether you’re working at a construction site or a stadium, you’ve likely seen crowd control barriers. They are used to keep spectators at events safe from harm. Crowd control barriers come in many types, including metal, fixed-leg, and loose-leg models. These barriers create checkpoints and can also be used for queue control. Here are a few of the benefits of securing crowds with checkpoints.

Ensure all your crowd control systems fully comply with cricos compliance